Nevada Attorney Homa Sayyar Woodrum, Esq.

As the Attorney for the Rights of Older Persons and Persons With a Physical Disability, Intellectual Disability or a Related Condition with Nevada's Aging and Disability Services Division, Homa can no longer accept private clients as she did up to January 2017 through Woodrum Law LLC when she relocated to Northern Nevada. If you have a rights concern and are over the age of 60, or at any age and dealing with disability, you can still reach out and be directed to resources and information.

Homa Woodrum, Esq.

Elder and Disability Rights
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I have been licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada since October 2007 but have been a Nevada resident since 2000. I joke sometimes that I am a professional pessimist - clients need to hear the worst case scenarios so they can manage their expectations as a case progresses. All joking aside, an honest outlook is crucial to problem solving in the law.

I have experience with civil litigation, bankruptcy, immigration, business formation, and contract disputes but a large portion of my practice focused on Elder Law and Guardianship at Woodrum Law LLC from 2014-2017. In January 2017 I was appointed by Governor Sandoval as the State's Elder Rights Attorney at the State of Nevada's Aging and Disability Services Division. In May of 2017 the job description and title changed via legislative amendment (Assembly Bill 31) to include disability rights. It is a dream come true to be able to serve in this statewide role.

Legal Services Development

Part of my current responsibilities include a role created by the Older Americans Act as the state's Legal Services/Assistance Developer. In 2018 I started a two year term as the Secretary for the National Association of Legal Services Developers and I manage grants in Nevada related to legal services for individuals over the age of 60 without regard to their income. We have one grantee in Northern Nevada and one based in Southern Nevada at this time.


In 2017 I was named to the statewide Permanent Guardianship Commission via an order of the Nevada Supreme Court. On the commission I am able to marshal my experience litigating in guardianship cases on behalf of parties ranging from protected persons to objectors and guardians to public guardians. At ADSD my guardianship experience helps me assist in rights evaluation of cases to determine whether supported decision making alternatives can be facilitated, improper guardianships can be ended through appointment of counsel as mandated by statute, or referral to law enforcement is necessary for guardianships involving exploitation.

Self Determination

At the heart of our humanity is the concept of self determination. The field of elder and disability rights is no different, and yet there is a cultural tendency to substitute decision making for others where they are believed to deviate from what is "typical." Self determination matters even more when systems make particular groups more vulnerable than they would otherwise be by very reason of their personal story.